Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Resolving Non-arising

Piotr Ludwiński

You think that you liberate

play of luminous form

from "who/what/where/when/how/why" cage

you have yourself created...

But luminous form...

Luminous form
Does not appear on it's own
Does not abide on it's own
Does not cease on it's own

Luminous form
Does not alternate between absence and presence

Neither by it's own power
Nor by power of another luminous form
Does it switch from absence to presence
And again from presence to absence

How could luminous form be pinned down?
How could "it" arise?
How could "it" abide?
How could "it" cease?

By cutting branches
but leaving root in tact
you will never realize suchness
you ignorant fool!

You might have
realized that "seer seeing seen" is mistake
and have seen through
agent and his action

But isn't expression
"it appears here and now"
exactly same mistake
you are repeating again?

You have taken out your hands out of dirt
But why do still you stand on two legs in it?

You might have
seen through universal and invididual agent
but now why do you make
infinite agents as infinite luminous forms?

For luminous form
to alternate between presence and absence
to appear or disappear
is to pin down luminous form as agent who does something

Free yourself from
the seer who sees

Free yourself from
it that appears

Again and again
look at your mind

See that time and space
Are also dreams dependent
on your three-fold dream
of subject, action and object!

~ from me to myself!

Unlike · · January 2 at 4:38am near Kraków, Poland · Edited

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    John Ahn Ungraspable, unfindable, unknowable, not even a this moment…an ever unfolding mystery of appearances..gone gone gone.

    January 2 at 6:14am · Like · 1

    John Ahn From perceiver to action, from action to non-activity, each instance an authentication of such recognition: recognition of nonrecognition. All stories ceasing..an ever unwinding of past culminations. Effortlessly released. .

    January 2 at 6:20am · Edited · Like

    Piotr Ludwiński Piotr Ludwiński

    before second probing out three-fold structure and seeing that emptiness is same insight it feels

    like when I write posts to ppl

    about non-dual immediate


    i really feel that I am describing something


    like when I hear colour it really feels like I an pin redness down

    hear word "colour"
    John Tan
    John Tan

    Yes and no need to think but resolved this immediate presence as non-arisen and empty....this pure sounds, pure colors
    Piotr Ludwiński
    Piotr Ludwiński

    before one notices it is same insight
    John Tan
    John Tan

    Just resolve and see it as mirage
    Piotr Ludwiński
    Piotr Ludwiński

    its very frustating playing with differet layers of reification

    instead nailing first cause


    becoze its like onion and when doing away with one layer another one gets pinned down

    and one lands on another objectification

    like endless loop

    John Tan
    John Tan

    Yes precisely!!! Instead of playing with endless deconstructions!

    That is what I write also...lol
    Piotr Ludwiński
    Piotr Ludwiński

    "John Tan They r essentially the same insight Anatta and emptiness of phenomena"

    yeah you wrote once taht to me

    but i was too busy with my little achievments of deconstructing

    to really focus what is meant by this being same insight


    January 2 at 6:46am · Like · 5

    John Ahn Yeah, deconstructing the very idea of deconstruction and/or construction, for the sense of it having been always and already like that to arise. Great insight piotr! Thanks!

    January 2 at 7:38am · Edited · Like · 1

    John Ahn Truly nothing to be attained or accomplished...

    January 2 at 7:34am · Like · 2

    Nicholas Mason "i really feel that I am describing something


    like when I hear colour it really feels like I an pin redness down"

    Do you feel like you can pin down "this immediate presence as non-arisen and empty....this pure sounds, pure colors"?

    January 2 at 7:36am · Like

    Tan Jui Horng Piotr what's "second probing out three-fold structure"?

    January 2 at 7:48am · Like

    Piotr Ludwiński 1st probing out: doer does deed, observer observes observed

    January 2 at 7:48am · Like · 1

    Piotr Ludwiński 2nd probing out: form appears here/now

    January 2 at 7:51am · Edited · Like · 1

    Piotr Ludwiński first deconstructing background agent and background activity (seer seeing)... then deconstructing foreground agents and their activities (forms arising/abiding/ceasing)

    January 2 at 7:52am · Like · 1

    Tan Jui Horng so there's a 3rd probing out right? Since here/now needs to be probed further.

    January 2 at 7:53am · Like

    Piotr Ludwiński actually temporality and spatiality is already deconstucted to some degree in 1st probing out and it gets totally dissolved in 2nd probing out... at least that is how went for me and few other people here... but one does not necessarily need go this way...

    January 2 at 7:54am · Edited · Like

    Tan Jui Horng Oh, okay, second probing out probes the statement "form appears here/now"

    January 2 at 7:56am · Like

    Albert Hong Anatta then the extending of anatta to everything else.

    January 2 at 7:56am · Like · 2

    Piotr Ludwiński One also does need keen eye to distinguish deconstructing layer of physicality from realizing dharmakaya. I was stuck recently on obsessive deconstructing of physicality lol. Meaning there is different taste of realizing that appearances are dependent arsisings thus non-arisen and it's different taste when deconstructing everything into undivided field of awareness without objects and without time

    January 2 at 8:01am · Like

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