Thursday, February 20, 2014

Practices for I AMness to Non-dual

Òskar K. Linares

A question about practice: having in mind the four stages model of Soh, what do you think are the best practices to go from Iam realization to non-dual realization?

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    Òskar K. Linares Ah please, speaking from experience, not theory... Thank you a lot! Gracias por adelantado

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    Soh I think these should help: 1) sensing Presence to the minutest details in all sense doors by bringing non-dual Presence from being background to being all foreground sensations as non-dual Presence, 2) challenging all dualistic/inherent constructs. Challenge the sense of a subject apart from object, seer apart from seen, seeing apart from seen, hearer apart from hearing/hearing apart from sound, awareness apart from manifestation (where does awareness end and manifestation begin?) 3) keep in mind Bahiya Sutta's pointers

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    Mr. J.C. Vipassanna - balance insight and concentration.

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    Mr. J.C. My breakthrough came doing vipassanna and using Awareness as an object of concentration.

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    Òskar K. Linares You are so kind. Thank you a lot to both. I'm nowadays practicing vipassana awareness so I just need to add the Soh advices, thank you again just for that this group is worth existing. Un abrazo desde Barcelona

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    Soh Have you realized "I AM"?

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    Òskar K. Linares Yes, four months ago... 11 sept at night!!! could be am I too ambituous and I should let this realization grow more on me by now?

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    Onno Veerman Soh: could you elaborate on or post a link on Bahiy Sutta pointers? I'm not familiar with them, and I may not be the only one.

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    Soh Òskar K. Linares you can also look into the "four aspects of I AM" that I wrote in my e-book, that should also pave the way to further insights

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    Òskar K. Linares I've got it in my kindle e-reader. So i will check it this night. Thank you again.

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    Soh Onno Veerman sure you can look into these articles:

    Awakening to Reality: The Buddha on Non-Duality

    This passage has been most useful to me personally. The challenge is to constant...See More

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    Onno Veerman Thanks

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    Òskar K. Linares Dear Soh,the four aspect are these?: 1) the aspect of impersonality, 2) the aspect of the degree of luminosity, 3) the aspect of dissolving the need to re-confirm and abide in I AMness and understanding why such a need is irrelevant, 4) the aspect of experiencing effortlessness. Thank you a lot

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    Soh Yes... 1) when the sense of personal self or ego is seen through and dissolved, one feels oneself and everything and everyone being the expression of an impersonal intelligence, one feels that one is being 'lived' by a universal mind/intelligence/consciousness/life. this is not merely nondoership but something more than that 2) one feels the intensity and amazingness of that intensity of luminous awareness in every mundane sense perception and activity 3) seeing through the delusion that there is a need to re-confirm and abide in Self as completely extra and unnecessary 4) well.. effortlessness of Presence.

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