Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Power of Imputations

Piotr Ludwiński
Power of imputations => view of ultimate state + view of "reality" as an inherent thing with inherent properties => kleshas being shrouded by lock-in in samadhi => landing on I Am / landing on No Mind => not penetrating further
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    Albert Hong I was listening to a talk. And it was said that the most important thing is not to change one situation to another buy rather to understand the mechanics of the situation. Perception, perceiving and perceiver are all bounded together.

    Its important to see how views directly influence perception which in turn becomes an instant feedback loop.
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    Albert Hong The buddha mapped out all the states and concluded that it wasn't through chasing states that one finds liberation. Its through the direct knowledge of causes and conditions. And most importantly the insight into the nature of reality.

    Since people do not deal with karmic momentum they trade one grasping for another. The self to Self. Thoughts to senses. Or thoughts to non thoughts. Something to nothing.

    Its always an affirmation, rejection or indifference. The same three patterns of binding and assumption.
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    John Tan Yes Piotr, there is genuine power in imputation, visualization and thoughts.

    That power is truly magic. It illusions us into seeing “something” that is never there to be there.

    Looking into our experiences, the whole entire experience of the Aware Space is just that imputation; likewise, the whole of idea of “objects” that seem so solid and real is just that imputation. They are as real as the flesh and blood. See it...feel it deeply...the non-duality of symbols and reality, karmic tendencies and experiences.

    I think Soh’s post on Total Exertion of Karmic Tendencies comes timely. Have a good read.
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