Friday, August 22, 2014

The Source?

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  • David Vardy When you're standing at the sea shore do you wonder where the waves come from? Only when we wonder where the ocean comes from do we begin to imagine a source.
  • Raan Joseph The ocean does not reduce to one giant wave nor do all things reduce to one absolute.
  • Empty Set This type of thinking could lead you to cling to the Absolute, couldn't it? My understanding of Buddhism is that it's about dropping clinging.
  • Soh Something I wrote before: "...this is a dualistic view that posits the reality of time, posits a beginning and end, as well as the separation between 'awareness' and 'manifestation'. To me I see that both 'awareness' and 'phenomena' (I'm just tentatively speaking of them as separate for now) have 'existed' from beginningless time, are co-arising, and neither can be said to be the source of another, neither are the first of another. But due to this view of inherency, duality, and time, it appears that there is a source of manifestation, that one came (or existed eternally) before another, and this view is later seen to be extraneous. Timelessness is experienced in the very instant of manifestation, not merely by residing at 'the Source'.

    Furthermore, I say 'Awareness' and 'Manifestation' are both labels for the same thing - nothing hidden, fully manifest - and never was there a time when 'Awareness' exist without 'Manifestation' (which would be an view of inherent existence pertaining to awareness)..."

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