Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ken Wilber

James O'Neill
March 14
The Fourth Turning of Buddhism – Part 2 – Structures and States – Ken Wilber
Ken is in the process of creating a new teaching called “The Fourth Turning – Imagining the Evolution of an...
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    Soh If Ken Wilber were to include this it would be more complete: (note: draft version, he's still working on it)

    Particularly the understanding on Anatta - the second half of the document. Seraph is the director of the institute of transpersonal psychology, and is speaking from his own personal experiences/realizations there.
    SeraphDraft.pdf - File Shared from Box
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    Arthur Deller I find Wilbur's stance fascinating. I can't view Seraph's document at the moment, but will make some time over the weekend.
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    Dannon Flynn Aaaggh! Ken Wilbur's face!!! Okay I guess I will take a gander at what he has to say this time. But, I am not a fan,
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    Dannon Flynn Since I commented on that link a bunch of ads popped up underneath this post about Ken Wilber! Facebook is really bothering me.
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