Friday, March 7, 2014

A Drop of Water Placed in an Ocean

When a drop of water is placed in an ocean, what is it like? Ocean walking, what is it like?

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    Tan Jui Horng This is the part where I splash you with a bucket of water right?
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    Soh This is the part where ocean splashes ocean.. lol
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    Viorica Doina Neacsu It is like a non-arising ocean in a drop of water which is non-arising too! hahahaha!
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    Tan Jui Horng Seriously though, how should one answer? "The water never left the ocean to begin with. When the ocean walks even the stars follow"?
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    Din Robinson as soon as i open my mouth to speak... big mistake!
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    Albert Hong They never truly meet. Yet all appearances flirt and caress just enough to make believe.
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    Barry Ryder Right whatever is said is a mistake so let's let Rumi, the Persian poet, make all the mistakes.
    " When you eventually see
    through the veils to how things really are,
    you will keep saying again
    and again,
    “This is certainly not like
    we thought it was!”
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    Barry Ryder
    MOSES AND THE SHEPHERD by Rumi, Persian poet, Sufi mystic, lived 1207-1273
    Moses heard a shepherd on the road praying,  “God,  where are you? I want to hel...See More
    By: Awakening People
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    Gabriel Rocha Ramirez
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